The Gamemasters Framework for Software

Fredrik Carleson's

- An alternative to other frameworks on how to deliver great software


What is this?

GeMs is a framework that uses the fundamentals of Role-playing games and applies them to Software development, effectively creating yet another framework that you can use to deliver software.

When you use this framework, you will gain experience and level up. Do you want to call yourself champion? Well, complete a few scenarios and get the experience points to reach that level. Do you wish to lead a party? Read the Game masters manual included. Then prepare yourself to guide teams through daring campaigns and scenarios.

The short name for the framework is GeMs, as this is something that adventurers prefer over golden bullets as it is easier :)

Will it work for you? If you are in software development, work with just a few teams, and like roleplaying games, chances are good...

How does it work?

The below cartoon shows a Trickets first day at work

I'm interested. What's the next step?

To learn more, read the booklet.

The first part is the players guide explaining career, titles, and how to get experience points. You will adventure together, solving scenarios. Perhaps as part of an extensive campaign.

The other part of the book is really for the Gamemaster. A gamemaster (GM) is a person who acts as an organizer, officiant regarding rules, arbitrator, and moderator for a team. They help the players work together towards common goals.

The role of a GM is to create a “flow” for the players through a scenario. They do this preparing in advance before a scenario. They make a scenario the players will participate in with enough details to finish the scenario. The GM creates an environment in which the players can interact, work together and deliver working solutions.

Download the booklet


I believe there is no golden bullet or project, method, framework that fits all. How you work has to be tailored for your organization based upon culture, people, leaders, product, and the microcosmos you operate in. There are principles though, that can be followed.

This framework is inspired by the Declaration of Interdependence. Its principles are:

We …

increase return on investment by — making continuous flow of value our focus.

deliver reliable results by — engaging customers in frequent interactions and shared ownership.

expect uncertainty and manage for it through — iterations, anticipation and adaptation.

unleash creativity and innovation by — recognizing that individuals are the ultimate source of value, and creating an environment where they can make a difference.

boost performance through — group accountability for results and shared responsibility for team effectiveness.

improve effectiveness and reliability through — situationally specific strategies, processes and practices.”

signed in 2005 by David Anderson, Sanjiv Augustine, Christopher Avery, Alistair Cockburn, Mike Cohn, Doug DeCarlo, Donna Fitzgerald, Jim Highsmith, Ole Jepsen, Lowell Lindstrom, Todd Little, Kent McDonald, Pollyanna Pixton, Preston Smith and Robert Wysocki.

Declaration Of Interdependence

Want to contribute?

If you would be interested in helping out to create “The Advanced Software GameMaster Framework,” adding more careers, tools for working better, or how to form a team, please do contact me at
with the subject “GeMs.”

All pictures are Stefan Kellers